School Photography Exhibitions

School exhibitions are a fantastic way of showcasing the uniqueness of your school, the student body and teachers. Through your school’s photography exhibition, you can choose to highlight anything that sets you apart. Showcase your student body in a way that tells their stories, shines a light on their strengths, and reflects the community as a whole. Your photo exhibit can be whatever you envision for your school. Have a amazing teaching staff? Diverse student body? A focus on sports? Every school is special and offers something different to the community it resides in. Showcase your school with award winning portraits and stories. Tell the community why and how you’re different. Show them who you are and see what an impact a school photo exhibition can have on your school, the participants, and your community.

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These photos are beyond amazing. Wow, I’m speechless. You are an amazing artist and we are truly grateful to you.
— Bridgette Gordon-Hickey, Deputy Executive Director at LEARN
Thank you, Kelley, for immortalizing our school spirit through your exhibits.
— Sue Iwanicki, Director of The Regional Multicultural Magnet School 2014-2019
Photos from the heart.
— Tom L, parent
You captured their spirits so well. All of them. We have such amazing kids and you can really see the beauty in each of their souls in these photos, it makes my heart feel so full. Thank you, Kelley for sharing your incredible gift with our families.
— Jennifer C, teacher
My son was so proud to show me this picture when I was at the school.
— Tod J, parent
Their personalities shine through these amazing photos.
— Tracy C., school office manager
You were so kind and patient with them. These came out beautifully!
— Amy G, teacher

Portfolio of Exhibitions


“Beauty In Diversity”

The Regional Multicultural Magnet School

The Regional Multicultural Magnet School in New London, CT is a K-5 elementary school with an emphasis on multiculturalism and diversity. In fact, their tag line is “where uniqueness is treasured”. One of the teachers at RMMS, Sue Goldstein, approached me about doing an exhibit to showcase the diversity of their student population. So many families come to this school with rich, diverse backgrounds. The title of this exhibit, “Beauty in Diversity” comes from the idea that while we may all be different, it’s our commonalities that make us come together and be stronger. Diversity is beautiful. It makes this school different from others and visitors expressed getting a feeling of being connected through the portraits and stories that accompanied them. In all, 26 families were represented in this exhibit. Here is a small sample…

Kelley’s photographs touched our families at the Regional Multicultural Magnet School and help to unify our school community through her unique composition and ability to capture a family or a student’s “story” through the lens of her camera. She organized two school photoshoots—one for families the first year and another that captured individual spirits in reference to our International Baccalaureate Learner Profile Characteristics. The entire process was affordable, efficient, and did not interrupt our school schedule in anyway. She was a joy for our community to work with and as families viewed their own photographs, some were brought to tears and others to laughter—8 generations of graduates in one or the pride of reaching 5th grade in another. Across mediums of black and white, color, single, and group portraits— her choices as an artist resonated throughout our multicultural magnet school, eventually being requested by our central office for the messages they communicated, messages that are so important given our current national climate— We are a school where uniqueness is treasured. We are where learning and appreciation of one another are embraced. We are where family and being “You”—no matter what that looks like—is at the heart of our future. Thank you, Kelley, for immortalizing our school spirit through your exhibits.
— Dr. Susan Iwanicki, Director of the Regional Multicultural Magnet School, June 2019

“Profiles in Learning”

The Regional Multicultural Magnet School

After the success of their Beauty In Diversity exhibit, the school wanted to highlight the students for their upcoming accreditation as an International Baccalaureate School. “Profiles in Learning” was born and each of the 26 students chosen to be a part of the show were interviewed. The IB curriculum teaches students to be global thinkers and in this process, there are 10 learner profiles that students can embrace. They were asked to reflect upon which learning profile best embodied them at that time and why they chose it. Their answers were both eye opening and inspiring, even from those as little as Kindergarten. Take a look…



Ocean Avenue LEARNing Academy

Also a part of LEARN, The Ocean Avenue LEARNing Academy located in New London, CT supports students with developmental disabilities such as autism, emotional and behavioral challenges, and complex medical needs. The Academy currently supports about 60 students ranging in age from pre-kindergarten through age 21. They are committed to providing a wide range of high-quality, customized services in support of districts’ education of students with special needs. 2019 being their inaugural year, I was asked to capture these beautiful children to display at their Back to School Night in September. While I was there, I saw an incredibly dedicated and caring staff who are fully committed to providing their students with the best care and support.
In all, 49 portraits hang prominently in their school hallways. On opening night parents and staff gathered for their annual Back to School Night and saw their child’s image for the first time. It was a thrill to see their emotional reactions. So much thanks to the wonderful people in this community, and making school a welcoming, successful experience for these amazing kids. Here is a peek at what parents and teachers saw that evening and each day they come to school. What a way to welcome them in!