Yoga in New London, CT

When Meghan approached me about photographing her doing yoga poses around the city of New London, I was immediately intrigued.  I was quickly reminded as we traveled around, that New London is a diverse, culturally rich city with many hidden treasures and iconic places.  We hit many of them and you will see an eclectic mix in these photographs.  

The people in New London were curious about the girl doing yoga and the girl with the camera as we made our way past murals, churches, photographs, and amazing architecture. I even found myself lying on the floor of the New London Train Station (hey - anything to get the shot!).

When Meghan saw her photos, she was thrilled.  In her words, "Each photo was so special because each told a hidden story-the history behind each place, my union with each pose, the story behind how each image came to be....Each photograph help so many treasures and memories.  And each spot that we shot now holds a more special place in my heart.  Thank you!"

My pleasure, Meghan.