why does my child look purple?

Why hire a professional photographer to take your picture?  Here is just one reason: wonky colors. 

Take a look at the image below by photographer Lindsey Surber to illustrate this point.  What do you notice? 

Hopefully, you can see there is a big difference in the baby's skin tone.  Printing through your photographer, who uses a professional lab, will result in a baby (or anyone else) who looks like they should rather than jaudiced, sunburnt, or even purple.  The other difference is the background color.  A professional photographer will take the time to make sure your images are toned correctly so they are beautiful and will last a lifetime. 

Professional photographers will also work with their lab to calibrate the image they see on their screen with what the lab sees on their screen.  So you know it will be correct, and if it's not for some reason, your photographer will fix it before it ever reaches you.  That's ONE of many reasons you hire a professional.

Your family's images are priceless and will be passed down for generations.  Why would you trust those to anyone but a professional?