The Art of Giving

The art of giving is a beautiful thing.  Quite literally, to "give" means to freely transfer the possession of something to someone.  Now, you may be thinking that in this case I must be talking about the stained glass window that now sits proudly in our school, and I am. But I am also speaking of much more than that.

Fabio Pizzol, the fabulously talented Italian stained glass artist, gave us the gift of much more than this window.  He gave of his time, expertise, craft, and genuine love of teaching to the fourth grade students. This was a true labor of love; one that took countless hours to teach, coach, guide, and assemble.  Each time students walk past it they are reminded of the dedication and patience of a man named Mr. Fabio who, in a brand new way, taught us that beautiful things take time, effort, patience, and most of all perseverance.  In a world very much living in the "now", students who are used to getting everything immediately, were forced to imagine it, dream it, craft it and build it.  And the result speaks for itself.

You may have seen this story recently in the news, but these pictures tell the whole story.  They show the process from conception, the connection between students and master, the effort and the excitement.

Enjoy the journey...

It all began with a concept. Students were given information about how a stained glass window is made and shown the template for the window. Then they were asked to choose and draw a cultural icon that was meaningful to them.


Drawings began and became quite detailed.  In true RMMS fashion, multiculturalism was at it's center. Students drew animals, sports, music and flags from their heritage.


Students began using geometric paper to represent their drawings.  These were then used to place on the template to hold the spot for their fired tile.



Spaces were filled in and our logo was colored.



It was then time for the delicate glass work. All of the glass for this project was generously donated by Bullseye Glass Co. Students chose their colors and began the painstaking task of placing their glass on a copy of their picture.



In his studio, Fabio fired the student's tiles, laid them in place according to the template and began the slow process of assembling the window.



One evening, after all the students had gone home, the installation began. Piece by piece, the window was put into its permanent home. None of the students had seen it yet.



On a bright Tuesday morning, we all gathered for the grand unveiling.



And what a thrill!



The students pretty much thought he was a rock star...Thank you, Fabio. You have clearly left your mark on us in all the best ways.