Office and Studio Reveal!

It was a little over a year ago when we moved to our new home in Clinton.  I knew immediately this house had what I needed to build my photography business.  Tom and I began visualizing how to create a beautiful space to bring my clients for their studio portraits.  Initially, I thought the studio would be located upstairs in a loft area over the detached barn.  And then I saw the dining room.  "We don't really need a formal dining room, right?" I said to him grinning and fingers crossed behind my back.  He smiled and agreed it would be ideal.  Then the real work began....

Here is our journey of my office and studio renovation. The space you will be seeing used to be a dark, gloomy formal living room with 1970's wallpaper, stained green carpet and dark trimmed walls and windows.  I couldn't WAIT to rip it all out!

I absolutely could not be realizing this dream without him.  His support, unmatched carpentry skills and vision have made this possible.  All renovation work done by Built by Alpine, my husband's business.


And the final images! 

Please make an appointment to come have beautiful photographs taken. 

Isn't it time you loved seeing yourself in photographs?


Mother and Daughter Photoshoot


When was the last time you had a beautiful photograph taken with your mother or daughter?  One day your children will go looking for photographs of you.  What will they find?

I recently had the honor of photographing these two amazing women. Mary and Jules came to the studio excited about the opportunity to have their portraits taken. We started with hair and makeup and discussed ideas for wardrobe, posing and mood.  I guided them through it all and they trusted the process. At their Image Reveal this week, they were thrilled with their photographs.

"We were floored with our images.  Not only did we love the way we looked in them,

but we loved that Kelley captured our spirits!"

-Mary and Jules

And what beautiful spirits they are...


All Hair and Makeup by Traci Bellinger, owner of Tres Bien Salon, New Haven, CT

Mary and Jules "Before and Afters"


"You truly gave us a gift that we will treasure."

-Mary and Jules

So often we are the ones taking the picture and never get in front of the camera. If you would like to experience photographs of yourself that you will fall in love with, call me and let's set the date.

I promise, you will see yourself in a whole new way.