A family affair

Elizabeth and her three girls came in to the studio for updated family pictures and what they received were memories of a beautiful day and gorgeous portraits to display, gift, and cherish forever. 

Elizabeth was a little nervous at first to be in pictures herself.  She was fine with the group shots, but to do it solo? Not so much.  When she came for her reveal appointment, she cried happy tears and made sure she chose several images to keep of herself, for herself.

How did she get to that point? That's my job....I walked her through every part of posing so she didn't need to think about anything except my voice and the guidance I was giving her.  And she rocked it! My goal is to make everyone feel safe.  It can be intimidating to have your portrait taken if you don't feel valued, safe, and cared for. From the time they sat in Traci's chair for hair and makeup to the photoshoot, we took care of each of them.  Here are their favorite images...

Hair and makeup by Traci Bellinger of Tres Bien Salon in New Haven, CT.